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Discussion on: 5 Yoga Poses Every Dev Should Try

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John Copella

There are a lot of good online resources for good ergonomics for tech workers -- find one and follow its guidance.

This one looks pretty good:

For me, it's all about keeping the spine aligned, shoulders relaxed and back (avoiding that rounded-shoulder tech worker slump), forearms parallel to the floor, keyboard closer to you so you're not reaching for it, and keeping the head and sightline to the monitor neutral -- you don't want to be looking down at your monitor like you do a cell phone. Basically avoid anything that's going to be putting a compressing force in one direction on your cervical vertebrae for extended periods of time.

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Dávid Szabó

I already experience the rounded-shoulder problem. I have been gaming since I was 8 years old when I started sitting in front of my PC all day. I become overweight and my shoulders are rounded. So that's crap. Though I lost the extra weight and now I am fit, I still have the same rounded shoulders. I haven't done anything to fix it though so yeah....

Thanks for your reply! Gotta check out that link!