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Discussion on: Supabase: ten months of building.

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Joe Sweeney • Edited

I've used Supabase, but not Hasura or Firebase. Some surface-level differences I see from Hasura:

  • Supabase doesn't use GraphQL, just JavaScript. When you want to fetch data, you write straight-up JavaScript for querying data and setting up real-time subscriptions. No GraphQL at all. I believe this makes Supabase more similar to Firebase than Hasura.

  • Authentication is handled in Supabase, whereas it's deferred to another service in Hasura, according to Hasura's own docs. Authorization/role-based access in Supabase uses Postgres's built-in Row Level Security, whereas Hasura does it the GraphQL way.

I've played around with Supabase and quite like it! I'm excited to see what they come up with for their Functions feature. To me, that would be a real game-changer.

Again, never used Hasura, or even GraphQL. Supabase is a more appealing API to me personally.