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re: Hi João, Great post! I'm REALLY looking forward to these figures (if I understand correctly you'll let us know in the end): Rails: x hours develo...

Hi Trinity, we are on the same boat then!

it's C-like, for starters, which is a dealbreaker for someone thinking the Elixir way is the best stuff since sliced bread, err, Ruby.

Spot on.

What I'm secretly hoping is that someone can prove me that for this setup (...) considering that my time is really scarce

Well, I hope that you can find some value from what I'm planning to share in future articles - an incremental migration to Elixir by having both systems working together during the transition phase. You can do a partial rewrite of your system by migrating something that you feel would fit Elixir best in a first stage, just to experiment with it and see if you are getting value from it. In my case I'm planning to migrate the Page Downloader first, keeping all the other components in Rails' land, communicating via Redis (using the Sidekiq protocol).

you are going to fight language-agnostic issues anyway

Absolutely. Using Elixir may offer you better control and tooling but the typical scraping/crawling problems won't go away with Ruby.

I'm wondering if you'd like to move the conversation to email

Sure, it sounds like our circumstances are very similar, it would be great to share experiences/thoughts with someone with the same set of challenges in-hands. I'm now following you on (here) and Twitter, we can get in touch through either and share email addrs.

Thanks for the feedback!

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