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Discussion on: What does code quality mean to you?

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Jeremy Forsythe • Edited
  1. Is the code readable?
  2. Does the code do what it is supposed to?
  3. Is this the simplest solution (can you remove code or complexity)?
  4. Are functions pure and testable?
  5. Are concerns properly separated?
  6. Are files / modules properly separated and organized?
  7. Has static analysis been run? (linting, dependency audits, etc.)
  8. Can you explain what it does / the design / the architecture in plain and simple terms? (while this seems unrelated to code, it can be an indication of too much complexity)
  9. Do names say what they are/do? Are arrays pluralized? Are objects singular? Are there single letter variables? Do function names relate what they return?
  10. Check again if anything can be removed or simplified

These are some steps I think through during code review