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Discussion on: We Should All Be Writing WET Code

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Jeremy Forsythe

I agree with the sentiment that devs tend to over-abstract, especially newer devs. The more experienced you get and the more you understand your domain, the easier it is to know what abstractions you need and will be useful.

To your point about the single modal function, we have a rule of thumb. If you find yourself "configuring a function" (passing string parameters like "alert" is a good indicator) then you're abstracting wrong. It's not necessarily that it shouldn't be abstracted, but it's much better to have an alert modal as a separate function from a form modal function, perhaps with some shared underlying function that wires up a generic modal.

I think good advice for newer devs is to lean more toward WET but consult with more senior devs if you think there's an opportunity for abstraction. You will learn a lot about the domain, the architecture, and how they think during those discussions.