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Discussion on: 5 clean code techniques you can start doing today

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Jeremy Forsythe

I disagree with your stance on comments a bit. I agree that comments should not be explaining what the code is doing (unless it's really necessary to write some hard to grok code for the sake of performance). However, comments are useful in explaining one thing that code alone cannot - why you did something.

One example - If you made a decision based on tradeoffs, especially if it's not the obvious choice, and you need to relate to the next dev that they shouldn't refactor it to the "obvious" choice, comments are a great way to keep that note right by the code.

But mostly I agree that code should be clear enough that you shouldn't have comments explaining what your code is doing.

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Patricio Ferraggi Author

Hey Jeremy, thank you for commenting. I have to agree with you on that regard, that one is a good example of a valid comment I did not thought off, but wouldn't you say that it would fit better on my small list of exceptions instead of a common rule? I still think that in general you have more reasons to avoid comments than to use them. Unfortunately most of the comments we see in code could be very well explained with proper naming and correct use of abstractions