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Discussion on: Not exactly easy!

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J. Djimitry Rivière

I'm no professional, but I see what you mean. I've had that same problem, but with React (I've also used Vue). I believe the source of the problem is that the Vue framework (and in my case, React library) functions on it's own server, and the database (i.e.: server-side) runs on its own server too. The way I corrected the constant problem is by:

  1. Creating a "server" folder, for backend purposes;
  2. Creating a "client" folder, for frontend purposes;
  3. Having the "package.json" file in the root folder;
  4. Installing the "concurrently" NPM package and creating a command to run both the server and the client sides at the same time.

I'm just not sure yet if that's a production-allowed method that is practical in real-world scenarios.

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Jeff V Author

I'd love to hear & see the results if it works out for you. Let me know! Thanks for sharing.