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re: Hello Julien. I am looking at a way to automate the certificate creation in my release pipeline. Did you come across anything (CLI, Powershell, AR...

Hi Benethor, and sorry for the late response (I never got the email from dev.to, I guess it want to my spam box). In this article I don't do it in the release pipeline: it's all automated by Azure App Service, so there's really nothing to do.
However, I do also run VMs where I need to handle that certificate myself: in that case, the easiest thing I found is to use Apache with the Let's Encrypt script. It's all done automatically and renewed with a CRON job, so it should work without much maintenance. I only remember that one time I had to upgrade the script manually because they had a major release. So that's a bit more work & maintenance, but that's still easy to set up.

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