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Discussion on: What side projects are you currently working on and how can others be of help? (Feb 15)

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Jean Gruneberg

So for my sins I am responsible for the lab environments at a Casino operator - numbers fluctuate but anything up to 14 labs, 700 virtual servers, 75 workstations and 40 slot machines - and all the infrastructure running Windows. Unfortunately our software vendor has no real clue wrt CI etc, all fixes are individual .dll's / config edits / SQL updates etc. So 6 months ago, myself, a server group guy and 2 dba's have taken it upon ourselves to automate ourselves out of the mess. Most of the heavy lifting being done in PowerShell running against vSphere / commvault. Using GIT to maintain dev / release and prod stable branches. Have managed to get from 70 days to build a new lab to 15 ;-)

Thankfully we have shown the value to management and they have made this process official now, I have been moved to the automation group and the plan for the next 6 months is to integrate all the pieces into Jenkins for CI into the labs.

Anyone working on automation Windows server builds from VMware templates, would love to compare notes!