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Discussion on: Slowing Down (to go faster)

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Jean Kaplansky • Edited on

To answer your question: absolutely.

The "move fast and break things" approach has never sat well with me because it means you miss out on exactly the kind of stuff you're thinking about now.

The pace thing is a genuine issue. What I'm learning, though, is that there's a ton of garbage code out in the wild that was part of "eh... Good enough." That's going to come back to bite people later. I was under the hood of a managed WordPress setup that contained managed WordPress themes and plugins the other day, and the quality of the code was stunningly overcomplex. It didn't look very scalable, let alone readable. And this was on top of the controversial Gutenberg editor!

I see that @jankapunkt wrote up some information about i18n practices for you. I think another thing you should look into if you haven't already, is automated translation memory that works in tangent with a CMS to keep everything up-to-date in your content (I think this may differ a bit when we're talking UI). I haven't looked at translation memory in several years myself, but I do recall working with this specification at one point:

Nice writeup!