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Discussion on: Please Stop Using Local Storage

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Jean Lafitte

Your bias is showing. In one breath, you criticize cookie creation for being server-side, in the next, you're advocating for JS server-side solutions.

JS is a security nightmare and the problem is systemic; it's in the implementation and how it is designed and the security problems at this point cannot be divested from JS.

IF I have to use JS, I do so sparingly. Some recent and massive security breaches have happened because of JS. Interestingly, YOU could be watching what I type, delete, and whether I choose to submit this or not, all without my consent. I understand that it's your website, but, if I were to choose not to submit this, then it's clear that I didn't want what I had typed to go anywhere. JS can, and may, take that decision out of my hands.

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Randall Degges Author

Heyo-- that's actually the exact opposite of what I wrote here... I'm doing exactly what you say: I'm advocating for using server-side cookies and NOT storing data in local storage =p