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Hello everyone,

I am an older developer by the look of it (I'm in my 40's (o.O) ) and while I have always loved to write code (make the computer do the thing!), I have only recently gotten more involved in it.

I'm also an avid table top roleplayer (Dungeons and Dragons and Shadowrun are my faves), and computer gamer.

I've messed about with Basic on the Commodore 64, QBasic in DOS, COBOL (never again), Turbo Pascal (eek!), C++ (in German), Visual Basic, C#, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and so on. I really enjoy working with SQL of all things.

Looking to learn about AWS, Azure, REASTful services, micro-services, kubernetes, GraphQL (which looks awesome), and later neural networks, machine learning and AI.

Never stop learning.

I think that's enough waffle from me for the time being.



Never stop learning indeed! This is a great site for it :)

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