Discussion on: 9 Steps to Get 100 Stars on GitHub

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Jef LeCompte

After reaching 500 stars lately on one of my repositories, I kept a lot of these in mind.

I think the biggest things are 1, 5, and 6. I truly believe all of the items you listed are crucial to getting solid foundation, but I think those are minimum to reach a broader audience (low and high tech users).

That being said, I think being able to find some sort of niche or a library that suits a relatively large community that isn't too obscure, will also really help. I know this sounds obvious and could be quite hard to do, but this isn't limiting to a particular tool. This could be anything. Some examples off the top of my head are: a tool to automatically update brew dependencies or maybe a tool for auto syncing your forked repositories.

I could see people Googling these "issues" and trying to find an easy way to improve their quality of life. I suppose what I'm trying to say here, is that you don't need to recreate Node.js (no shots at ry, coz it's cool what he did with deno 😎), but mostly finding something that you want to write and what potentially others may like. Mostly a hit-and-miss, so it's good if you enjoyed writing it to begin with 😊