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Thanks for putting this together, man! I've been practicing meditation for about a year with the help of Headspace. It's amazing how taking some time out of your day to practice mindfulness can go a really long way toward getting a "Malfunctioning Mind" less jumbled.


Headspace has done wonders for mainstreaming meditation. Yes, you don’t need much to see results. What would you say has changed most for you as a result of your practice? What would you like to know more about?


For me the biggest benefits have been an improved general awareness -- particularly, realizing how much we do both mentally (thoughts and emotions) and physically (things as simple as changing from standing to sitting, sitting to standing, opening a door etc..) on auto-pilot. I've found exercising the mind in these areas helps me become better aware when I start getting wrapped up too deep in a thought or emotion.

I'm interesting in learning more about everything :)

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