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Just wanted to wish you good luck on the game jam.

I never really use commit -m. It's personal preference, I guess, but I'm usually either using a GUI front-end for git or feel more comfortable being able to compose it with vim.

Initially start pushing directly to master, but at some point (when the project is out of the "proof of concept" phase) I'll push to a branch. It's a good habit to get into. But, honestly, with a "throw away" project (like a game jam) I would probably just stick with master.


Thank you for the reply @jeikabu , interesting point to use a special tool to commit. btw, I've seen an excellent post on moving from vim to neovim but am an atom editor addict now and I am testing how to commit with the GitHub app and clone directly a repo from the original project with it till I find my way of doing things until "a proof of concept" phase where I'll probably follow your idea is in a "proof of concept" phase isn't it

Waiting for the githubgameoff2018 wish to see you there ;)


Don't just use the GUI for commits, I find it useful for general repository browsing, wrangling branches, etc. Still have to do some things from the command line (like sub-tree and LFS shenanigans), but I like the pretty colors when keeping an eye on a bunch of developers, tons of branches, etc.

Truth be told, I rarely use vim these days (except for commit messages in a git terminal). I'm a VS Code convert. ;)

Too much complicated for me because I think I don't have the right tools to follow the work on specifical repo

We can create some posts about it here to discuss also the topic about VSCode and Atom should be a good post too by releving what was said on the AMA of the new GitHub CEO on Reddit

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