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re: Thank you for the reply @jeikabu , interesting point to use a special tool to commit. btw, I've seen an excellent post on moving from vim to neovim...

Don't just use the GUI for commits, I find it useful for general repository browsing, wrangling branches, etc. Still have to do some things from the command line (like sub-tree and LFS shenanigans), but I like the pretty colors when keeping an eye on a bunch of developers, tons of branches, etc.

Truth be told, I rarely use vim these days (except for commit messages in a git terminal). I'm a VS Code convert. ;)

Too much complicated for me because I think I don't have the right tools to follow the work on specifical repo

We can create some posts about it here to discuss also the topic about VSCode and Atom should be a good post too by releving what was said on the AMA of the new GitHub CEO on Reddit

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