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There's already been a lot of good comments.

  • "Test the waters" in your existing project/organization. More senior people (like myself) are often thrilled when others take an interest in adding python scripts or other tools, Office macros for co-workers, etc. It's a low-risk way to potentially obtain an internal transfer without jeopardizing your livelihood- and you might find out you don't really like doing it full-time.

  • Ask software people in your industry and tangential companies/industries. More often than not it's really specific, specialized, and has to be taught in-house. Prior experience/skill should negate the missing diploma.

  • Consider veering off the beaten path. Most the recent grads are focused on the language/framework dujour, while something less "sexy" might better leverage your experience and hiring can be more... sane.

  • Doing for yourself in your free time (i.e. "hobby") is rarely the same as doing professionally (i.e. "work"). Also, don't assume enjoying using something means you will enjoy creating it (NB: I work in video games and this is a rude awakening for... many).

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