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Discussion on: I think I'm falling out of love with front end web dev

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Jen • Edited

Apart from wanting to dabble in some iOS dev, I couldn’t tell you! It was initially just 2 weeks of work experience, so I wanted to learn something new. I found a love for swift, (and I suppose a knack for it!) so labs kindly offered me a year’s paid internship working on proof of concepts and a little on the choice app, and got to learn some OOP fundamentals along the way with my mentor.

Between my php, swift and front end experience, I had enough to join as a junior full stack engineer, even though I didn’t have a huge amount of backend knowledge.

Happy to chat further if you’ve got any more Qs! 🤓

p.s. you mention some stuff about memory, compilers etc. Generally I distinguish software developers and engineers by how much one cares about that sort of stuff. Looks like you're thinking more like an engineer now! I got my introduction to memory management with swift (even though it does a pretty good job)