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Discussion on: Enthusiasts vs. Pragmatists: two types of programmers and how they fail

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jen chan • Edited

Hey thanks for writing this!. I hear about this dichotomy a lot but I’ve never understood how people can be strictly one camp or another. I somehow believe anyone who codes has to enjoy it at least a little bit.

I guess I’m in both boats. I got interested in programming because of art, and I want to make my ideas more independently and without hiring programmers, so that makes me a pragmatist. While it’s magical and lovely how compilers, requests, servers, and computers work, to get anywhere in a project I’ve always focused on the visual/experiential result... without thinking about standards. And because standards and robustness is my downfall I decided to get whipped into rigor by getting a job in tech... though kind of burned by it now. I am really starting to probe at how I want programming to be in my life. Obviously I wanted it for work to get better at it, but I would absolutely have more fun just making silly animations and websites... now next how do I just get into a position to sustain my doing of that lol