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Discussion on: On Being Fired

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jen chan Author • Edited on

Yeah I agree, this is all in part professional experience, albeit in a negative light. And thanks for sharing your journey too. With time comes perspective and I have to admit, this time I sensed it coming right down to the day it happened :D

A huge incentive for me for turning this comment into a post is to normalize and destigmatize the reality of being fired, laid off, let go... etc.

Anything is possible, and I wouldn't put it past anyone to consider me both:
hardworking but unproductive,
friendly yet ill-fitting,
transparent but too honest, no fault of my own or theirs.

I do have serious doubts about my ability to keep a job because keeping my head down isn't working. Like zomg, what now? oh yeah, I need more than a basic command of JS. Haha. hahahaha