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Discussion on: Sh*tpost: can we stop saying "syntactic sugar"?

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jen chan Author

HAHA oh yeah a couple of my friends recall now and again the 2000s "Juicy" sweatpants. That trend had spread to Victoria's Secret Pink underwear and I recall being kind of distrubed some time back teen underwear seemed to be lined with catcalling phrases.

I don't know Assembly so that statement is lost on me... but lol + createdOn... I am finally comfortable with people saying "syntactic sugar" after hearing all the contexts it's used in. I still wish we all agreed on a semantic definition like "shorthand for doing the same thing".

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Veronika T

Assembly is just a step above binary, so VERY low level - the lowest you can get without using ones and zeroes. It's not particularly human friendly - well I guess it is compared to ones and zeroes. :-) So technically it IS syntactic sugar, but not in the way people mean to use that phrase. I guess it implies people who complain about syntactic sugar might as well be using ones and zeroes if they're so above whatever they're talking about.