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re: @jennapederson good article! Not sure if you have any thoughts on using markdown vs HTML for the editor?

Thanks, @kp ! I assume you're asking why write posts in markdown instead of HTML?

It quite likely depends on your user and who is writing the content, as well as how often that content changes. For instance, not every writer knows or is comfortable with HTML so being able to put words down on the screen without having the overhead of HTML can be important. For me, when I'm writing I just want to write and not worry about code. Markdown lets me focus on the task at hand, which is writing.


Hi @jennapederson thanks for the response! Sorry, I didn't ask my question clearly...I did not mean writing HTML. I meant using a WYSIWYG editor like tiptap versus Markdown. I do agree that the audience matters a lot :)

Oh, awesome! I hadn't heard of tiptap! I've used other similar ones like quill, ckeditor, and TinyMCE. In this case, I really wasn't planning to build out an editing workflow here. For this particular use case, if it were more than just me writing my own posts, I'd probably go with a headless CMS rather than rolling my own editor workflow.

But that being said, I like the idea of those editors for the right use case, maybe where the user is less familiar with markdown markup but more familiar with something like Word. I'll have to take a closer look at tiptap next time!

Glad the pointer on tiptap helped! It looks neat and I plan to use it. I have still to wrap my head around headless CMS (pun fully intended :D)

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