Discussion on: What are signs that you should quit your job?

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Jennifer Konikowski

I have a ton of experience with this! Past signs that I should quit my job:

  • Lots of higher ups are leaving: If you see a lot of upper-level managers and VPs leave, there's probably something they know that you don't. You could weather whatever storm is coming but use your best judgment. If you are at the bottom, you'll probably be cut.
  • Unsupportive boss: if you are at a large company, move to another team. If there is only one boss you can have and they are negative and shoot you down, you'll probably be more successful elsewhere. I had a boss that bragged about "managing [me] out" even though my coworkers were happy with my work.
  • Toxic environment: you know it when you see it. Always different. Depending on how toxic, burn a bridge or two. Maybe not on your first gig, but if you have plenty of references and the environment is bad enough (I was crying almost every night), just leave.
  • Lack of growth: and sometimes it's nothing big, you just aren't growing the way you want to. Also, a valid reason to leave!