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Discussion on: Which Java version?

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Jen Miller • Edited

I work with Java and there are tons of discussion over Oracle's licensing changes - enough to drive a person insane!

In terms of Java distribution, at one time, it was Oracle, but with the Oracle's license changes, I know many places that have switched over to one of the Open JDK versions. Right now, the financial institution I'm at is switching to AdoptOpenJDK.

So, we always stick with a long term support version (Java 8 and 11). We are bound by our upgrade policy to keep up and by sticking with a LTS version, you get updates with reduced risk of breaking changes from upgrading a major number version.

If you are building a desktop application, a common practice is to wrap your Java program in a executable that starts up the JVM. Our software (for business users) come with a installer and users run it as a normal program. Under the hood, it is invoking a Java program. We ship with a JRE, it is AdoptOpenJDK (version 8 or 11). This means users do not have to install a JRE (or JDK) of their own.

Hope that helps!

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Sylvie Fiquet Author

It does! AdoptOpenJDK looks like a great solution. Thanks a lot!