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Discussion on: Avoiding the awkward 2 seconds after a Zoom call looking for that end button

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Jen Miller • Edited on

avoiding, no way!. The best part is when they look up just before hitting 'leave' and see you looking right at them. They know that you know that they failed in their elegant attempt to leave a meeting quickly....

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Michael Lee 🍕 Author • Edited on

Hahaha that's hilarious @jennrmillerdev ! I've definitely had my share of those last second looks.

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Michael Kohl

A: "You hang up first! 😌"
B: "Nooo, you hang up first! 😊"
A: "I can't find the exit button either... 😢"

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You could map exiting zoom to :q and have people wondering for ages how on earth to quit that call.