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Discussion on: Overcoming Burnout In Programming Learning

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Jen Miller

nice points!.
I agree that comparing one to others is one of the key factors leading to burnout in tech. That's not just a problem for beginners but even as one progresses in their career.

I would add my 2 cents about twitter. I think it really depends on the person. Twitter can help, but for some, it can be really blocker. It's so easy to start comparing to others on twitter because you are constantly being flooded with the progress of others in the same boat. In addition, Twitter is also full of people just trying to get 'followers' or shouting "You must learn XYZ in 2020".

I guess it comes down to the people you follow. Just because someone has a high follower count doesn't mean they are good for you.

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Ayu Adiati Author

That's right.
It depends on the person him/herself.
As other social media, we still need to filter as well which one is constructive and which one we should avoid.
But one good thing about Twitter is that slowly we can build networks.
As a stay home mom with no connection on this field, Twitter benefits me a lot to take a better look at webdev world, gain more information and gradually start with networking :)

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Jen Miller • Edited

yeah, that's a good point. I think you can establish real relationships with people faster than say LinkedIn, especially if you don't have any connection to the field.