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Discussion on: Getting Your Next Contract

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Jen Miller Author

From my exp working at large fintech orgs, we use agencies all the time for candidates. From what I've seen:

1) Yes, places rather pay a lower rate if they can get away with it....but

2) There's a budget of how much a org is willing to pay for someone regardless if the agency adding 20% market on individual contractor rate or not...but many places can't afford the time and resources it takes to look for contractors on the open market.

One thing that's kinda on my mind is that sometimes I'll pass along a resume of a friend, or someone I personally met to HR and see if they are a fit. Let's name him "Peter" .

I'll sometimes find out that they've already seen Peter's resume via a agency, so that agency "owns" the relationship..and the organization will not init any communication to Peter. Peter has to reach out himself...which kind of defeats the purpose of having a inside person pass along your resume...and that part is kind of unsettling..