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Discussion on: I'm the community engineer on the Glitch team at Fog Creek, ask me anything!

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jenn schiffer Ask Me Anything

i did not expect make8bitart to be as popular as it has become but i'm totally stoked about it - especially since it's mostly kids who are using it! and they and their parents send me art they made with it and it's truly the best.

as for maintaining it, being an open source project, i haven't done too many feature changes because that takes time and i'm v busy with work. once in awhile a developer will post an issue for a feature and build that feature - if i merge it, i'll make them a committer on the project so they can update their work as needed. i've got a number of pals who i met through their helping out on the project. overall, is an extremely pleasant project from both an owner and open source maintainer point-of-view!

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Mac Siri

That's awesome! Thanks for me giving me an overview on what's it's like to be a maintainer.

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