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Discussion on: What I wish, as a woman in tech, I knew early on?

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I don't believe the author claimed these were experiences special to women. But being that OP is a woman, and in tech, it only makes sense that the advice given would be related to something she is familiar with.

If you had to write the same sort of post from your perspective, how do you think it would read? I would probably have written something along the lines of "What I wish I knew, as a veteran, before leaving the military". It would probably have a lot of advice that could be applied broadly to the general public, but the advice would be intended for the benefit of other veterans who may find themselves in similar situations.

I don't think OP was being exclusionary, I speculate she was following the general advice of "write what you know".

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Alex Sarafian

Anyhow, it doesn't matter. The title felt misleading to me, because I wanted to read something about but I read something for everyone that many know. Not a bad post, just a misleading title.

I would be interested though in a post that is really specific to the perspective of the female gender in the tech world. If there isn't, then there is nothing to specialize about and justify comments that we hear from left and right. I think there is though and I've seen this the most in India and I had discussed a bit about this with the most progressive of the men in the office.