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Discussion on: New job, new codebase. How do you even get started?

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Jeremy Friesen

In addition to the other suggestions (routes.rb, Gemfile, package.json, schema.rb/structure.sql) I also look at the app/models/user.rb file.

This file tells me a lot about the application and how the team thinks about this model. Are there lots of relationships? What about methods? How about callbacks? What clues do you get to authentication and possible authorization?

Some user models have lots of code others could be very lightweight.

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Thiago Araujo Author

That's a good strategy, I do that as well!

Most codebases have some form of a "user" model, and this is often one of the oldest classes. It tends to accrue some technical debt naturally.

It's a good place to look at when you want to do some digging and learn more about the history of a project.