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Why Dart? There are numerous languages already that compile to JavaScript, and now with WebAssembly the options expand even further. What's unique about TypeScript is the fact it is a superset and keeps pace with proposed language updates. If that's not the solution, why not consider the full spectrum of options available for non-JavaScript languages that compile to either JavaScript or WASM as a target?


Dart is a stand alone language in its own right that also has the option of javascript interop. It has modern language features such as optionals, class-as-interface and async/await while having a first rate collections api. I work daily with both TypeScript, Dart, JavaScript and C++ in various layers of our application stack and I can see how programmers tend to succumb to "toxic permissibility" when it is available to them. I am guilty myself and the design suffers.

As far other languages that also compile to javascript/wasm I'd love to hear what you think is a better option than Dart for OOP?

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