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Thank you for this interesting article, i love Tailwind ! Do you use PurgeCSS? If yes, I think you should modify this part of your code :

<CustomVueTitleComponent color="blue">
<CustomVueTitleComponent color="red">
<CustomVueTitleComponent color="green">

<!-- CustomVueTitleComponent.vue -->

  <h1 class="bold text-2x" :class="`text-${color}`"></h1>

To :

<CustomVueTitleComponent color="text-blue">
<CustomVueTitleComponent color="text-red">
<CustomVueTitleComponent color="text-green">

<!-- CustomVueTitleComponent.vue -->

  <h1 class="bold text-2x" :class="color"></h1>



WOOOO, thanks for introducing me to PurgeCSS 🤩 I'm using VuePress, which uses PostCSS ... but I wonder if it's redundant to have both? -- but they do different things, so maybe I should include it 🤔

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