re: Why we chose Turbolinks instead of building an SPA VIEW POST


I'm happy to write more about it. Anything in particular that you're interested in hearing/reading?


How you made Changelog fast and your pros and cons of using Elixir in the day to day. I have zero experience in it so it's interesting to me to read professional opinions.

You seem to have a balanced view which helps ;-)


Oh, I would be interested in hearing, how the choice came upon elixir. What was before that? And how was the transition to a functional paradigm? Okay, Elixir is not Haskell ๐Ÿ˜‚ But I assume there were the one or the other hoopla you went through?

Besides: wasn't the site rewritten from x (ruby?) to Go (some years ago)? At least I thought so.

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