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Discussion on: I need to learn Linux

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jesús gollonet • Edited

I've never studied linux in depth and I'm mainly an OSX user but after a few years of curiosity and occasional server setup I consider myself quite comfortable with it. For me, the key concept that made it click was understanding the permission model. Before that I could follow tutorials but I would always stumble upon some wall that I either couldn't get through or eventually solved without knowing what I'd done. To that end this recent post about linux permissions seems like a great starting point (haven't read yet).

You also mention the file system. I recently bit the bullet and read the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard, and got a ton of useful info out of it. It explains what is supposed to go in each of the top level directories and how they're nested, etc. Before reading that I always had to google for the locations of config files, logs... and now I'd say 90% of the times I find them right away. It is not that long and I totally recommend it too (if that seems too daunting start with the wikipedia page).

In general I'd say when playing with things, whenever you stumble upon a hurdle that is out of your comfort zone, try to look for the general concept that it embodies (ask about it!) and dive into it. Also don't hesitate to memorize things! Especially if you don't use linux on a daily basis things that seem obvious right after you learned them will fade off quite quickly.

Good luck!

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Kevin Author

thanks man! :D