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re: Jez, I love this post and wanted to share a few thoughts that might spark a broader discussion... Having been in engineering, ops, management &amp...

Hey Bryan,

Thanks for the lengthy response! I'll have a dig into the Consortium's work, it seems fascinating.

I think your calling out of the distinction between short and long term strategies is a great point. My "get everyone in a room and stick it on the wall" approach is very much a short term remedial strategy. It's basically what a paramedic does versus what a doctor does, and I appreciate I didn't really make that distinction in the article.

Long term growth and success is a very different problem, and what you describe sounds like a great way to go about it. I'll be sure to do some reading on the subject.

Thanks again.



Excellent point re: Paramedic vs. Surgeon Distinction.

Based on my own experiences, I would be sure to keep that in front of mind because those "stop-gap" measures have a nasty tendency of becoming standard processes by default when they're not explicitly focused on later for removal / modification. Great post and again, thanks for sharing it with the dev.to community!

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