re: Would fake projects/websites really get you a mid-level job as a web designer? VIEW POST


Maybe, but it could backfire if the potential employer thinks that you'll be more concerned about servicing your "clients" than working for them. They'll need to know that the sites are fake and won't affect your working for them.

I did get a contract job a while back based on a 'fake' portfolio of about 150 SEO network sites (now defunct). They were impressed that I was able to churn out and maintain so many sites with different looks and code bases behind them.

I currently have some example projects I share with potential employers that don't violate my NDA's. They aren't as complex as my actual apps but do demo what I know.


Oh yes, they'll know that they are fake. I'm just trying to figure out if fake work would get me a job or whether the employers will think "we aren't going to hire someone that only has fake websites".

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