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My recommendation is to avoid the "cool" tech start-ups if you're over 40, regardless of your skill level. It's a path to disappointment in most cases. They may bring you in for a face to face based on great phone interviews and coding tests but once they see gray hair and wrinkles in person, buh-bye.

Instead, look at the non-tech corporate IT and MIS organizations. They have a huge need for good programmers and project management so that they won't have to depend on outside consulting as heavily. Also, they're generally more willing to hire older folks.


I've experienced this and I'm only 36 (with no grey hair either). Got through a number of steps in interviews, technical is all fine etc, and then they went with another candidate.

I got a bit of feedback from a recruitment agent after he pursued one of the companies about this, seems they went with a younger candidate who was more desperate to work for them. Also the recruiter believed it was because they could pay them less.


Yes, coming in as a Jr Developer when you are older isn't easy especially at bootstrapped tech startups. The ability to pay lower wages to youngsters is also a barrier to entry.

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