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Discussion on: Suggest me the right Linux distro

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Although I mainly use Manjaro as my daily driver now because it is a rolling release distro and I like to be on the bleeding edge of stuff, I'd have to recommend pop!_os for you if you want to get up and running quickly without the hassle of tinkering too much on settings to get a perfect setup. I used pop!_os literally a few months ago before moving on to an arch-based distro which is Manjaro, and I quite loved the auto-tiling feature and how easy it is to configure keyboard shortcuts to improve my overall workflow as a developer. So yeah, I'd suggest start with pop_os! first and when you're comfortable down the road you may wanna give Manjaro a try and hopefully appreciate how sleek, fast, and powerful it can be. Happy switching to Linux! Haven't regretted it since I permanently moved away from Windows.

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