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Discussion on: Destructuring arrays as objects

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Kalle Jillheden

See very little practical use for this but still interesting technique! If I used

let { length, [length-1]: last } = list;

I would just shock all my coworkers and would throw them off, instead of

let length = list.length;
let last = list[length-1];

This technique could really come in handy when need to grab two items out of a list at the same time though. That's a place I'd really consider using it, like with the

let { 0: a, 1: b } = list;
return a > b;

...or whatever. Well got me pondering of how to use it, very interesting. Thanks for sharing! :)

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Mike Talbot

To be fair you can do that last example as

 let [a,b] = list
 return a > b

Which is way shorter. It would make sense perhaps for getting items from the end of a list, but as you say not very legible.

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Kalle Jillheden

Oh yea forgot about that trick! The most interesting thing about this technique is to find where to use it.

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