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Discussion on: 3 Git Commands I Use Every Day

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Jilles van Gurp

I've been use gitx, which is a pretty version of gitk for ages just for the purpose of reading through commit diffs and writing commit messages, and staging/unstaging files. It supports amend as well, which I use a lot. It's one of those things where having a nice UI to review a lot of diffs quickly is a bonus.

Other than that, my git workflow is entirely command line based. I have two aliases: gitu, and gitc that for git fetch && git pull --rebase and git fetch && git push origin. So with gitx, gitu, and gitc I pretty much have my day to day workflow. I also have a gitl alias tied to a fancy customised git log commandline. Other than that, there's the occasional merge and branch juggling. Maybe an occasional cherry-pick and a reset git --hard in case I have unstaged changes I no longer care about.