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No caffeinated beverages after lunch for me. I've learned the hard way that I sleep poorly if I don't stick to that rule. Which in turn means my productivity crashes the next few days because I'm too tired to function. I find actually closing my laptop and going home is often the fastest way to resolve seemingly unsolvable issues that just melt away the next morning; often in minutes. This has happened so often to me that I tend to just bet on this working instead of working late these days. In the same way, making the most of small breaks or weekends makes a difference when you come back to work.

Crunch time is a thing in our industry. But it has a cost. You are trading off short term productivity vs. mid term productivity. It's that simple. Crunch is inevitably followed by a crash. I'm not saying don't do it but be mindful that there's more to a project than surviving the next 48 hours by drinking too much coffee, not sleeping, and frantically trying to solve whatever problem needs solving. And BTW. your ability to do that completely tanks when you are tired.

I enjoy a good crunch once in a while but I compensate by mindfully slacking & procrastinating right after and taking time to get back to my normal routine.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. :)

I'm totally with you. If I have coffee after lunch, I still feel it in the evening. Currently, I even try to ditch the coffee and only drink green tea in the morning. Tastes great!

I also understand that you enjoy a good crunch. Sometimes, I also just love the grind. That feeling when you flow in the zone and don't want to stop. It's a great experience once in a while, but as you mentioned, it's crucial to also have a good portion of relaxation after.

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