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re: Maybe this is how it works in Microsoft..or I completely misunderstood Excel metaphor here..In last 10y, I never saw "tool" written in Excel in pro...

Really? I've seen loads. I've done a lot of work in banks where it runs on Excel - literally teams build complex spreadsheets for legal reporting, analysis of data, compliance etc. Small businesses will use it for building sales dashboards and accounting, as well as people management.

All these cases involve relying on code buried in spreadsheets either as complex multi cell formulas, or in VBA code. Code that is lost if the sheet is lost, or cells deleted.


It might be related to banking industry 🤷‍♂️
In any case sounds like a nightmare and any solution is better described state

Not just banking - though a large part of our money relies on Excel. Happens in other industries as well, usually outside the 'official IT' space, so devs don't often see it.

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