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Discussion on: Why technologies go out of trend?

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Jim Montgomery

Web Components didn't reach stability until 2016 when v1 was released in Chrome and shortly after steadily rolled out in Safari, then Firefox and now Edge. In 2019 (last year) LitElement (and previously lit-html) came on the scene and outperform React with a nearly identical features set. Whether this gets notice or not broadly, especially in bootcamps and the more trendy startup world is entirely unclear, however it's quite established in the corporate world. ServiceNow's ticketing system (eg Apple's ticketing system, among others) implements (a weakly attempted functional wrapper around) web components, ING bank, Salesforce. Given the shift in browsers lately this is likely to gain inroads where easier development and lower overhead is preferred. It is literally easier to debug, create and deploy, as well as perceptibly faster and smaller than React in all the cases I've seen so-far. Will be interesting (for me anyway) to see where this goes.