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Discussion on: Setup PostgreSQL with TypeORM in GraphQL Tutorial

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Jimmy McBride • Edited on

Solved: Answer in reply below

I have a TypeORM project I am trying to deploy to Heroku. Heroku's Postgres addon just gives me one database URL. That URL locally on my end would look like: postgres://user_name:password@localhost:5432/project_table

TypeORM spreads those things out a bit, though. In knex I can just do:


module.exports = {
  development: {
    client: "pg",
    // 🔻 Points to our local Postgresql database
    connection: process.env.DATABASE_URL,

But I don't know how to consolidate that down just one variable in the ormconfig.ts. Any ideas? I'm really loving using TypeORM so far and would love to get it hosted! Lol

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Karl Adler

You can extract all data you need from the connection string. This module may help a lot, but it's also manually not that hard.

But, yeah would be really cool if typeorm supports this by default somehow.

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Jimmy McBride

They do! :) Posted the answer above! 🔥

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Jimmy McBride

This is how I have my TypeORM set up that works exactly the way I wanted it:

    name: "default",
    type: "postgres",
    url: process.env.DATABASE_URL,
    synchronize: true,
    logging: true,
    entities: ["src/entity/*.*"],
    extra: {
      ssl: process.env.SSL || false,