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congratulations on your new job. I'm exactly in the same boat, i will need to find a job in my new city Stockholm relocating from Melbourne after working for the same company over 15years, still do remotely. I'm little nervous but I'm up for the challenge. It's exciting having a new start. Your posting is very helpful, it gives me a lot of positive energy somehow. good luck mate!


Hi Joni! Thank you so much for your kind words. With that positicw attitude I am sure you're going to do great. I was super nervous as well but in the end the whole experience was really good and also helped me grow as a person. So how are you enjoying Stockholm, and are there a lot of jobs in your area of expertise there? In any case, the best of luck! And again, thanks for your kind reply, it means a lot.


Thanks Arden. I'm enjoying the life in Stockholm very much. I'm not sure about coming winter yet though ;) I'm still working for the company in Australia so I haven't started looking the market yet, maybe sometime early next year. Hopefully i post a successful story like you later. :)

Haha yeah coming from Australia, that's going to be a challenge! That's why I moved to the south, haha. One thing, in hindsight, that I maybe should've done more when I arrived here, was going to some meetups and stuff, especially ones organised by interesting local companies. What I mostly found difficult in applying is that it felt so unnatural. Almost every cover letter I sent out felt like a bit of a stab in the dark. If I already had known some companies and people I might've had a better idea on where to start.

That's just an idea though, you'll be good either way!

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