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The answer for every question of this type is always "Yes, this stuff seems dead, but it has actually found a niche somewhere". And then there's the thing with programming. "Is it worth the while to know ?" begs the answer "Yep, if you've got infinite time and swap jobs often you might find yourself in a situation where it might prove useful".
However, there is always a limited budget for learning new stuff and university courses and syllabi are also limited, so you have to optimize for the most frequent technology, that being probably *not
using UML but agile technologies such as Kanban or SCRUM. So


In my daily work I'm using scrum methodology. I think it's great but I'm still missing UML :( In my opinion it is hard to come into project especially big one due to lack of big picture of it. I agree that working on particular features which are well defined is easy and it doesn't required UML, but it was hard to me to understand how all things are working all together.Personally I think that a diagram (not necessarily created in UML) would be in this situation very helpful.

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