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Discussion on: Need recommendations in Mocking database / Testing Cleanup (Unit Testing)

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endan Author

Heyyy Bobby! First of all, thank you for the effort in writing all these!

Are you, by chance, what they call a purist? (Just kidding) Anyhow, I get your point in unit tests, it just makes sense. I gotta be completely honest with you that I do not (yet) completely understand the pseudocode you gave me. First, it uses ES6 syntax, second it looks so high-level/abstract-y way.

I am familiar with dependency injection in PHP but have not yet practised it yet in Node. Also, it's the first time I have heard of data-access layer. I think I might be re-reading your answer for a few times before I can say something useful.

But really, thank you for this! I'll take my time digesting your comment. 😊

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Bobby Priambodo • Edited on

Oh, I just realized we've interacted before in a comment thread. Nice to see you again, Endan (if that's your name)!

I'm a purist in the sense that I love pure functions :p (because they're easy to test!)

I planned to write a blog on this topic since a long time ago, but haven't quite had the chance. Writing this comment somehow brought up some concepts that I thought to put in the blog, so it came out longer than I initially expected.

Take your time! I tried to keep it simple, but it might very well be my bias showing. Feel free to ask more questions. Good luck on your testing journey :)