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Discussion on: A Couple of Nomad Makers: the story of how it all began

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Joel Murphy

I loved every moment of reading this article. Good on you for working hard and pursuing your dreams! I also read Stephs blog and got some really good pointers. It’s truly amazing what you’ve both achieved.

I’m looking to move away from full time employment and follow a similar path for the sake of my mental wellbeing. One thing that’s still unclear to me is how taxes are managed. You mentioned the Estonian embassy - did you actually have to go down this route? And does it mean your company pays less taxes than a UK company?

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Danielle Author

Thanks so much for reading Joel, I am so happy you loved reading it! Steph's blog is also really great, she writes honestly about so many important topics around coding and remote work <3.

Our company is registered in Estonia and pays Estonian tax. We are both UK tax residents and still pay our personal tax in the UK.

Our decision to start a company in Estonia was not for tax reasons, but because we were able to start and run our company completely remotely from anywhere in the world. We both have Estonian e-residency which allowed us to do this :)