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Juan De los santos
Juan De los santos

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Scrum for fast-changing businesses, is it worth it?


Many local companies have joined the trend of agile methodologies (mainly scrum), but have not taken into consideration whether it fits their type of business or their business needs.

That's why I would like to ask you, Do you think Scrum is worth it for a small business that is constantly changing its priorities at the end or in the middle of each Sprint. For example, a financial business that has a certain level of uncertainty about whether they will need the X functionality by the end of the month, depending on how the market behaves. You could be spending time on something that will be useless or that will be replaced by another task in the middle of the development process.

Would Scrumban be a possible solution to reduce the impact that uncertainty could have on the final product?

Let me know how you overcome these types of situations.

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Dian Fay • Edited

If you don't know at any given time whether the thing you're working on is going to live out the week, you have problems that aren't going to be solved by adopting this or that development methodology. In this situation, the best methodology is as little as possible: sort tasks into 'now' and 'not now' piles, pick something off the 'now' pile, execute, repeat, reevaluate when you're almost out of 'now'. No point putting more effort into it than that until things stabilize. That's the major concern here: if your business plan depends on basically aleatory external factors not just to succeed but for people to know what they need to be doing at all, why aren't you all just trying your luck at the casino instead?

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Evan Oman

I was thinking the same thing, I can't imagine working where two week sprints are not flexible enough.

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Sebastian Vargr

If you can commit to a weekly plan and stick mostly to it, then scrum would be a good fit, otherwise, no.

I don't know you business or management strategy, so it could be a false flag,
but what you describe gets my alarms going a bit.

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