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Juan De los santos
Juan De los santos

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Why I chose the Firebase ecosystem

Firebase Logo

I've been using Firebase for a few months now, and the experience I've had with this has been amazing.

Quick definition:

"Firebase is a mobile and web application development platform."

Firebase provide us a lot of functionalitys, in order to reduce the development time and to make web/movile apps more maintainable. Must of the time Firebase works like a SaaS making easy and fast for us, things like handling authentication.

Want to see it?
Social Authentication cannot be easier than this...

Handling login

To whom I recommend Firebase?

I recommend Firebase the most to entrepreneurs, startups and people on hackathons I say so because those particular markets, has requirement that constantly change during development phase.

Building a MVP with Firebase gives a greate adavantage agains others that are using other tools that takes to much time for example the analisys of a big database structure. If you have been in a Hackathon before, you already know that time is crucial; you have to spend time thinking on a good business idea, and then when you have something concrete in your mind, you have to document it and then the development time gets reduce to around 40% or less to create a functional MVP... If this is the case Firebase will be your hero.

If you want to learn more about Firebase, feel free to visit the official guide:

Have you used Firebase or plan to use it? Let me know in the comments.

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Abel Ndinyo

Firebase came as a life saver to most of us developers. Well, used most of its features like Cloud messaging, Storage, Authentication , Database - Cloud firestore (to be precise) and looking to use other features. With Firebase, the learning curve is endless.

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Jake Varness

I want to explore firebase a little more. I haven't looked to deeply into it, but I do want to try it!

jjsantos profile image
Juan De los santos

I'm not even an expert on Firebase yet, but the experience that I've got with some Firebase services such as: Hosting, Realtime Database, Authentication, and Cloud Storage, it's just awesome.

Let me know how was your experiences and which Firebase services you used.

triptych profile image
Andrew Wooldridge

I like your article, and also enjoy getting started with Firebase. I think you might want to fix a few typos in your article:

  • functionalitys -> functionalities
  • movile apps -> mobile apps
  • Must of the time -> Most of the time
  • making easy and fast -> making things easy and fast
  • To whom I recommend -> To whom would I recommend
  • on hackathons -> on hackathons.
  • greate adavantage agains -> great advantage against
  • takes to much -> takes too much
  • analisys -> analysis
  • thinking on a -> thinking about a
  • gets reduce -> gets reduced

I think you want to make a good impression on this site, and having misspelled words and broken sentences gives folks the wrong impression of you.

shane325 profile image
Shane Barry

Yep, Firebase is awesome. I've been using it since before they were acquired by google. We used it to build our beta product and it's been great!

adiecodes profile image
Adie Williams

Thanks for the post @juan . Wondered if anyone has any reasons not to use Firebase and if they've ever had problems with it getting expensive

scottshipp profile image

I had a great experience building my first mobile app atop Firebase. The real-time nature of the data feels miraculous and the reactive model of programming was fun to work in!

hkara107144 profile image

Hi,mongo or firebase,which is the best for web development ?

sabowsla profile image

I've been working with firebase for 6 months now, and it's awesome 😎

oieeaaaa profile image

What's your opinion about data denormalization?

I find it hard to make my documents consistent across collections and subcollections that has it.